Suspended timber batten

Suspended timber batten


Suitable for:

Ceiling assemblies of medium to high suspension heights, assuming there is adequate overall room ceiling height and/or if installations are to be integrated.


1) Mounting of a suspended ceiling system such as a drywall system with wires, or a Nonius suspended ceiling system

2) Lower part of the suspended system – one alternative for screwing a timber batten on to a wood frame to connect with the upper part

  • Panels must be allowed to stabilize/acclimatize on site for at least 48 hours prior to installation
  • Wood frame must be at least 60mm x 40mm
  • Wooden strips on the frame must be spaced no further than 80cm apart
  • Frame should be mounted alternating right and left in order to avoid tilting to one side
  • Uneven spots may be smoothed out using adjustable suspension brackets

3) Assembly frame to be screwed on to wood frame at a 90° angle

  • Dimensions of assembly frame must be at least 50mm x 30mm
  • Frame spacing should be 600mm – 800mm
  • Screw length of at least twice the frame thickness
  • In order to achieve the desired sound absorption effect, insulating material at the level stipulated in the respective datasheet must be inserted in the cavity (in most instances this will be 50mm mineral wool of approx. 35kg/m³)

Example of Nonius suspension system:



Perforated panels on timber batten with concealed screws

Grooved panels on timber batten

Tongue-and-groove joints can be used with slat width of 192mm (standard width of grooved panels – slats).


Installation using impaling clips

Groove cheek width of 4mm


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