Acoustic panels, acoustic ceilings, perforated panels, acoustic panels, acoustic elements

Wooden acoustic boards

To optimize the acoustics in rooms, TRIKUSTIK has been developing and manufacturing high-quality acoustic boards made of wood and wood-based materials for walls, ceilings, cabinet fronts and much more since 2007. Learn more about our product options –>

Solutions for all frequency ranges of life

Everyone in the project team agrees that the room acoustics should be optimized in the interest of the users. However, the requirements and solutions along the way can vary greatly depending on the type of room. See for yourself –>

(Almost) infinite choice of colours and surfaces

TRIKUSTIK manufactures to order and purchases the materials from various manufacturers. We offer panels in veneer, melamine coated, RAL/NCS lacquered or as solid wood. Let yourself be inspired by the high variance –>

Support for your project planning

You do not have to deal with room acoustic related questions every day? We understand that and offer you a lot of basic knowledge and free tools as a service –>

Microperforation: Making acoustics invisible

You want perfect room acoustics and want to preserve the unadulterated character of the surface? Microperforation offers both, if necessary also in the form of special low-frequency absorbers –>

We are also breaking new ground as a team...

…and constantly develop the company and ourselves according to the principles of self-organisation. In doing so, it is important to us that there is a high degree of transparency, appreciative communication and room for development for every employee. We do not have to rediscover our agility – because we have never lost it.

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