Installation instructions


Installation instructions


Wood elements must be protected from humidity and damp. Keep in mind that new buildings in particular often exhibit particularly high ground humidity. Please heed as well the guidelines below which address the swelling and shrinking properties of wood elements.

Wood is a natural product

As a natural product, wood can exhibit variations in colour and grain. Even within the same piece of wood, such as one obtained from a single tree trunk, differences in visual appearance may exist. If a consistent visual look is desired, we would recommend sorting and grouping the acoustic panels before beginning installation.

Swelling and shrinking properties

Through perforation, the surface of the wood element is enlarged. This results in an elevated propensity to swell and shrink, so-called material dilatation.

The panels must be stored undisturbed for at least 3 days prior to installation in order to stabilize and acclimate. Storage and installation should take place in a room climate similar to the one expected for future use of the space.

Room humidity for MDF panels in a room should range from 35% to 60% and room temperature between 18° and 30°C. Under these conditions material dilatation may be from 1mm – 1.5mm per 1000mm. For this reason the elements should be mounted with construction joints of at least 1.5mm per running meter. If the construction joints are too small, this may lead to warping at the sides of the elements at high humidity levels.


Complaints must be communicated as quickly as possible to us directly, and in any case before installation begins.


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