Trikustik installers in your area

Trikustik installers in your area

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Are you looking for an installer for acoustic solutions by Trikustik?
We have put together an appropriate range of installers (carpenters, drywall installers with experience in wood and acoustics) in your area.

All Trikustik products can generally by installed by carpenters/joiners as well as by drywall experts with knowledge of acoustics and experience working with wood. Feel free to get in touch with the partner company of your choice. If you have any questions, we would be delighted to provide information.

For architects and builders, we have put together as a choice of installers for our customers. These installers have worked successfully with our products in the past, as this provides additional reassurance.

We will happily add any installer to our database for free if they have carried out assembly work to the full satisfaction of the customer. A great possibility for networking and for interesting new orders. Contact us for professional acoustic solutions:




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